High Definition Radiology with Added Peace of Mind.

AeroDR® Carbon is our most advanced digital detector interchangeable with AeroDR HD’s image quality, durability, and reliability. The CSI scintillator with 100-micron resolution and 72% DQE(@ 0 cycle/mm)[1] provides outstanding image quality. The advanced electronics provide rapid cycle time, up to 4 hrs. of use on a 13-minute charge[2], AED exposure, in-panel storage, auto roaming, and built-in DDR compatibility to make AeroDR Carbon a long-lasting investment.

The space-age carbon Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) material has been infused with antibacterial technology. The monocoque casing offers a lightweight, ergonomic design capable of supporting 881 lbs. (330lbs. point load) and has been tested to meet MIL-STD 810G drop resistance and IPX6 liquid resistance.

Why Consider Dynamic Digital Radiography?

  • Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) provides a view of anatomy in motion, with a large field of view and low radiation dose.
  • Most advanced medical imaging technologies like CT and MRI provide superb spatial resolution but not movement
  • Ultrasound has a limited range and fluoroscopy cannot be reprocessed to highlight soft tissue
  • Images can be acquired with the patient in a natural upright position which is not possible with CT or MRI

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