Ultrasound In Urgent Care

Ultrasound first as a primary imaging solution.

The HS1 System provides immediate, accurate assessment of a patient’s condition for better decisions, sooner. Beyond confident diagnosis, the lightweight, portable system also provides therapeutic needle guidance.

SONIMAGE® HS1 … The next stethoscope in patient care.


The Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS1 Ultrasound System has the potential to become the next stethoscope in patient care, because of its convenience, ease of use, and primary diagnosis. Our ultrasound solutions reinforce your initiative towards better outcomes, improved efficiencies, and increased diagnostic confidence earlier in the care path.

  • Full suite of transducers for superficial and deep scanning
  • Advanced image detail and contrast resolution for diagnosis
  • Advanced needle visualization software for in-plane and out-of-plane interventional procedures
Adjustable height, mobile cart with HS1 System (sold separately)

Meeting Growing Patient Demand

A full complement of transducers allows for a wide variety of superficial and deep scanning. Do more at the point of care with the preferred imaging solution for abdominal pain, DVT diagnosis and early detection of other conditions. With the advantage of real-time assessment, ultrasound may allow you to see more patients, assess them more quickly and comfortably, and move to treatment faster.

Superior Image Quality for Confident Diagnosis

With advanced imaging functionality that delivers superior image detail and contrast resolution in a compact, easily portable unit, the HS1 System promotes confident decision-making and treatment at the point of care. It’s also remarkably intuitive, with a simplified 8-button console and touchscreen with focused exam presets that help minimize your learning curve.

Advanced Needle Visualization Software

Using an advanced algorithm combining in-plane and out-of-plane methods to improve needle visibility, the SNV™ feature lets you increase your accuracy in needle placement, making it the ideal solution for guided injections in pain management. The out-of-plane method is especially beneficial in steep needle approaches.

2018 Reimbursement Guide for Urgent Care

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