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Here’s a recap of some of the featured products you may have seen at this year’s RSNA. Discover what partnering with Konica Minolta can do to help you get from question to answer faster – for your patients and your practice.

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Dynamic Digital Radiography: Revolutionizing imaging at 15 frames per second.

Forget what you thought X-ray can do. DDR reveals anatomical function in ways you’ve never seen—or imagined—before, revolutionizing the way you diagnose patients. In fact, it provides so much valuable diagnostic information so quickly, DDR won’t just shorten the care path. It will transform it.

See it move here.

Konica Minolta Insights: Answers faster.

Wouldn’t it be good to know how your assets are being utilized, how your staff is performing and how your practice could be more efficient? That’s the idea behind our Insights services for AeroDR® and the Exa® healthcare IT platform. Automatically collecting and aggregating data into simple analytical views, Insights services let you make smarter decisions for improving your practice, quicker.

Learn more about Insights.

Individualized Business Intelligence, with Exa® BI.

The Exa healthcare IT platform is an industry leader for a reason—we never stop innovating to make it more valuable for you. Case in point: Exa BI, the new cloud-based business intelligence tool with realtime actionable insights, so you can get in front of issues, and solve potential problems before they arise.

Get more information about Exa Enterprise Healthcare IT System.

Power Your Practice with the UGPro™ Solution.

Ultrasound-guided procedures (UGP) are transforming MSK, delivering targeted results at the point-of-care, with less invasive treatment. The potential for your practice is huge. And the UGPro Solution can help you harness it, with the latest ultrasound technology and procedures, paired with robust hands-on education.

Find out more about UGPro.

See the future of healthcare take shape

What happens when an imaging innovator partners with a world leader in genetic testing and a data analytics powerhouse? A whole new world of possibilities in diagnostics and operational efficiencies for your radiology practice emerges.

Discover the partnership between Ambry Genetics and Konica Minolta Healthcare.

Upcoming Workshops

JUCM / Konica Minolta Webinar Series: Foreign Bodies Presenting to the Urgent Care
hosted by: Hansel Otero, MD: January 14, 2020

Patients with foreign bodies due to accidental ingestion, trauma, or inadvertent placement of objects are common in urgent care. That doesn’t mean identification and removal are always straightforward, however. This webinar will employ real-world cases to illustrate procedures for identification and removal of these items

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      Digital Radiography

    • Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR)
      DDR is a revolutionary technology to evaluate anatomical movement and to help clinicians assess body function.
      DDR is able to capture and display a "Cine-loop" to analyze body movement, and in the most basic of terms, an "X-Ray in Motion."
    • AeroDR® HD Wireless Flat Panel Detector
      HD detector provides high definition imaging and heightened clarity enabling detailed analysis of small structures.
    • KDR™ AU System Advanced U-Arm
      Offers versatility, automated workflow and superior quality for compact spaces.
    • AeroRemote™ Insights
      Provides advanced monitoring and interactive analytic reporting for planning and proactive management of DR assets.
    • Ultrasound

    • SONIMAGE® HS1 Compact Ultrasound System
      The HS1 System has advanced MSK functionality with superior image detail and contrast resolution to support increased diagnostic confidence at the point-of-care. Do more with ultrasound.
    • SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound System
      The MX1 System enables physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance, and monitor rehabilitation. The light weight, portable system can be used in outpatient point-of-care services, offices and any remote setting.
    • J5 Ultrasound System
      The J5 Ultrasound System offers touchscreen simplicity and intuitive workflow with focused musculoskeletal (MSK) exams in a compact, portable footprint.
    • Healthcare IT

    • Exa™ Enterprise Imaging
      The only enterprise imaging solution with Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database.
    • Symmetry™ PACS
      Symmetry™ PACS is built on the proven Exa® Platform for fast access to images from any device scaled for the specialty care market.
    • Partners

    • The Ambry C.A.R.E. Program
      Comprehensive Assessment, Risk & Education. Identify women at increased risk for breast cancer earlier. End-to-End Solution to Identify High-Risk Women.
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