KDR Advanced

Make better decisions, sooner.

The compact, efficient KDR™ Advanced U-Arm (AU) System from Konica Minolta features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcomes, expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient experience.That makes it an excellent option for all clinical settings.

The Perfect Fit

The versatile, compact design of the KDR Advanced U-Arm System makes it ideal for locations that need to provide superior quality radiography services in relatively small spaces.

The flexible floor-mounted system accommodates 8’ ceilings, maximizing every square foot of space and improving positioning capabilities. It uses a small form factor detector for head-end and foot-end access, simplifying anatomy positioning by placing the patient in front or behind the detector to optimize positioning.

  • The floor-to-wall-mounted main column supports vertical movement with a dual-speed, motorized swivel arm.
  • The swivel arm features a 135˚ range of motion with detents at 0˚, 30˚, 90˚ and 120˚, plus 39” of vertical arm movement.
  • A tube mounted inter-phase control option. For in-room system monitor and control.
  • An advanced collimator employs a linear laser beam with light field indicator and three-knob manual control to optimize patient positioning.
  • A 440 lb. capacity mobile patient table comes standard with every U-Arm DR system.
  • Detector side control.
  • Multi-purpose patient positioning indicator.

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Highly Intuitive Controls Improve Workflow

The KDR Advanced U-Arm System user interface puts all vital decision-making information front and center for the operator, helping facilitate faster, more confident decisions. User-friendly controls include those for making dual-speed motorized movements and for operating the advanced anti-collision system that makes patient positioning fast, easy and safe.

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