Updated ultrasound technology for the SONIMAGE® HS1

Updated ultrasound technology for the SONIMAGE® HS1

Konica Minolta Healthcare is committed to providing the best user experience while raising the level of patient care by offering updated technology for the SONIMAGE HS1. The new HS1 system software release provides improved workflow, enhanced image quality and added MSK functionality.

New SONIMAGE HS1 capabilities include:


The UltraAdjust image optimization feature allows imaging parameters to be changed by simply adjusting depth.  Various imaging parameters such as trapezoid setting, contrast enhancements, SI filter and focus position are automatically optimized “with the touch of the depth button”

  • Improved Workflow
  • MSK presets linked to anatomical structures are optimized when depth is adjusted

Voice Control

Voice activation of the SONIMAGE® HS1 Ultrasound System allows for handsfree operation during interventional procedures

  • Simple and accurate voice activation
  • Handsfree system operation
  • No need to break the sterile field
  • Focus more on the patient
  • Enhance diagnostic efficiency

The HS1 System voice control operation feature fosters user comfort and proper operator ergonomics at the point-of-care.

Panoramic View

Panoramic view is an imaging process that produces a panoramic image that provides both qualitative and quantitative information. Panoramic imaging stitches a series of images to give one long image in order to:

  • Assess larger lesions
  • Construct a cross-section image of a structure
  • Show the relationship of two structures in a single image

Panoramic imaging technology widens the field of view for precise clinical diagnosis and interventional procedures.

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