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See the future of healthcare take shape! From X-ray That Moves to the Exa® Platform and UGPro™ Solutions, we’re proud to continue bringing products and services that change the face of healthcare.


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See It Move with Dynamic Digital Radiography

For the first time, you can capture and quantify motion in an X-ray. See things you’ve never seen before—like physiological changes in the chest during respiration. Or vertebral movement during flexion and extension.  Observe the relationship of anatomical structures to physiological changes over time.

X-ray That Moves is only the beginning.  It is the foundation upon which intelligent analytics and AI will be built to provide a greater level of diagnostic information. And a significant move toward achieving higher quality individualized care with greater access at a lower cost.

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Communicate Like Never Before

The most advanced enterprise imaging platform just got even better.

What happens when you add secure chat, powerful voice recognition, advanced peer review and patient collaboration features to the Exa Platform?  You get greater efficiencies, security and quality of patient care with the new Exa Voice Recognition, Chat, Peer Review and Patient Kiosk features.

Scaleable. Customizable. Accessible. Fast. Secure. That’s Exa.

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Power Your Practice UGPro

Ultrasound-guided procedures (UGP) are transforming MSK, delivering targeted results faster, with less invasive procedures. The potential for your practice is huge—and Konica Minolta is here to help you harness it, with the UGPro Solution. UGPro is a focused, comprehensive solution that unites the latest ultrasound and procedural innovations with hands-on education to get you equipped and up to speed fast. So, from Achilles tendonitis to shoulder tendonosis to epicondylitis, you can improve patient outcomes and grow your practice.

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      Digital Radiography

    • Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR)
      DDR is a revolutionary technology to evaluate anatomical movement and to help clinicians assess body function.
      DDR is able to capture and display a "Cine-loop" to analyze body movement, and in the most basic of terms, an "X-Ray That Moves."
    • AeroDR® HD Wireless Flat Panel Detector
      HD detector provides high definition imaging and heightened clarity enabling detailed analysis of small structures.
    • REALISM™ Digital Image Processing
      Enhances clarity for more realistic image presentation.
    • KDR™ AU System Advanced U-Arm
      Offers versatility, automated workflow and superior quality for compact spaces.
    • AeroRemote™ Insights
      Provides advanced monitoring and interactive analytic reporting for planning and proactive management of DR assets.
    • Ultrasound

    • SONIMAGE® HS1 Compact Ultrasound System
      The HS1 System has advanced MSK functionality with superior image detail and contrast resolution to support increased diagnostic confidence at the point-of-care. Do more with ultrasound.
    • SONIMAGE® MX1 Portable Ultrasound System
      The MX1 System enables physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance, and monitor rehabilitation. The light weight, portable system can be used in outpatient point-of-care services, offices and any remote setting.
    • J5 Ultrasound System
      The J5 Ultrasound System offers touchscreen simplicity and intuitive workflow with focused musculoskeletal (MSK) exams in a compact, portable footprint.
    • TenJet®
      The TenJet System, in conjunction with a Konica Minolta Ultrasound System, enables an ultrasound guided, percutaneous Tenotomy and fasciotomy treatment to target the source of chronic tendon pain. A minimally invasive, reimbursable procedure to debride diseased tissue while sparing healthy tissue.
    • Healthcare IT

    • Exa™ Enterprise Imaging
      The only enterprise imaging solution with Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database.
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