Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Reaffirms Commitment to Primary Imaging Market

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Reaffirms Commitment to Primary Imaging Market

Wayne, NJ, and Chicago, IL, December 2, 2013 – In response to changing market and customer needs, and under the leadership of a new President and COO, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today its commitment to primary imaging solutions within the diagnostic imaging market. Konica Minolta, a recognized leader in digital radiography solutions, is expanding its presence in primary imaging with the launch of the Sonimage P3 hand-held ultrasound and the acquisition of the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment business of Panasonic Healthcare. Primary imaging encompasses the initial imaging procedures performed in patient diagnosis and comprise approximately 60% to 70% of the diagnostic imaging market. Konica Minolta made the announcement at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, December 1-6.

“Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas is a world class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic primary imaging,” says David Widmann, President and COO of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas. “Our sole focus is digital X-ray, ultrasound, IT and services. Our keen focus on primary imaging workflow solutions is where we can add the greatest value to the customers we serve, and it is a logical continuation of our company success. With our acquisition of Panasonic’s ultrasound technology, the launch of the Sonimage P3, our exciting relationship with GE Healthcare, and the support and R & D of a 9 billion dollar parent company, we will continue to deliver the right solutions at the right time for all our customers.”

Primary imaging – X-ray and ultrasound – serve two purposes. Due to their lower cost, ease of use, and accessibility and portability, they can be used as investigational tools to help a clinician determine the presence of pathology or other anatomical abnormalities. With high quality imaging, X-ray and ultrasound can also be used for primary, or initial, assessment of suspected disease or injury. In many cases, either X-ray or ultrasound are the first tools used in the clinicians imaging armamentarium to rule-in or rule-out disease or injury.

With healthcare reform and new quality mandates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), there will be an influx of new patients into the US healthcare system as well as required reporting of performance benchmarks and reimbursement tied to certain quality benchmarks. Konica Minolta, through its primary imaging solutions, can help hospitals provide immediacy of care with cost-effective diagnostic equipment such as digital X-ray and ultrasound, and help support the need for additional advanced imaging testing or avoid unnecessary testing.

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