Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Names New President and COO

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Names New President and COO

Wayne, NJ, September 10, 2013 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today that David Widmann will replace Henry Kobayashi as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the America’s. Mr. Widmann assumed his new responsibilities on Sept 1, 2013. Mr. Widmann joined Konica Minolta in January of this year as COO, and has been leading the successful expansion of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas since that time. Under the direction of Mr. Widmann, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas is committed to being the industry leader in medical diagnostic primary imaging.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to lead such a technologically innovative organization as we transform from being recognized as a conventional film & CR company to a forward thinking enterprise aimed at providing valuable primary imaging solutions in today’s healthcare environment,” says Mr. Widmann. “Throughout this transition, we are committed to meeting our customer’s changing needs while outperforming expectations in the process.”

Konica Minolta’s heritage is based on giving shape to ideas through ingenious, cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive support provided by a talented team of experts. A cornerstone of the company’s vision is to provide real solutions that meet customer cost efficiencies, productivity and quality of care while elevating the customer experience.

“David has the experience and knowledge to successfully lead Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas during a time of enormous change in healthcare,” says Henry Kobayashi, the former President of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas. “He has already demonstrated great leadership in driving our transformation and building a strong foundation for the future that positions our company, our partners and our customers for success and a promising future.”

With over 20 years in the medical device and services industry, Mr. Widmann brings a wealth of experience in expanding businesses and an in-depth knowledge of global markets to Konica Minolta. Prior to joining Konica Minolta, Mr. Widmann was General Manager of Global Diagnostic X-ray at GE Healthcare, where he consistently delivered double-digit annual revenue growth, developed and launched over 20 new products, and solidified the company’s top market position.

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