Konica Minolta Extends Its Lead as Best CR Manufacturer in MD Buyline User Survey

Konica Minolta Extends Its Lead as Best CR Manufacturer in MD Buyline User Survey

Konica Minolta Extends Its Lead as Best CR Manufacturer in MD Buyline User Survey

Wayne, NJ, November 28 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today the company has increased its lead as the top-ranked CR Vendor according to the latest MD Buyline end user satisfaction survey. Only Konica Minolta received an increase in its composite score, continuing a two-year trend as the only company to receive a composite score higher than 9.0.

“Konica Minolta’s end user satisfaction – specifically system reliability, implementation and applications training – is unmatched in the industry, as evidenced by the latest MD Buyline survey,” says Joe Giordano, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development. “At this year’s RSNA meeting, we’ll continue to demonstrate our dedication to performance and high quality imaging with several new
digital radiography product introductions, including a new wireless DR system.”

End users rate CR manufacturers on six categories: system performance, system reliability, installation/implementation, applications training, service response time and service repair quality. Konica Minolta earned the highest score in five of six categories and narrowly missed tying for first place in the sixth category by one-tenth of a percentage point.

System performance ratings reflect a stable trend in the category, with end users raving about system latitude when processing and quality checking images. Feedback on system reliability indicates Konica Minolta excels in dependability with very little planned downtime. Customers commended the company for “first-class” implementation and installation and flexibility in providing additional training or assistance related to modality equipment or PACS changes. Continued praise is given for Konica Minolta’s excellent service even though many customers report requiring only minimal service needs.

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