Konica Minolta AeroSync Easily Converts Analog Portable X-ray to Digital Systems

Konica Minolta AeroSync Easily Converts Analog Portable X-ray to Digital Systems

Wayne, NJ, November 25, 2012 – Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas introduces another innovation for the wireless Aero DR – the new AeroSync X-ray exposure synchronization technology. With AeroSync, facilities can easily upgrade existing analog portable X-ray systems not fitted with DR interfaces into digital systems.

The AeroSync technology equips Aero DR panels with an X-ray auto detect mode that allows the DR panel to automatically detect an X-ray exposure. As the panel senses the X-ray exposure, it automatically forms an image and transitions to the X-ray storage process. Direct connection with the X-ray generator is no longer necessary. Thereby eliminating the need for cable connections to the generator.

With the wireless communication features of the Aero DR and the AeroSync technology, the Aero DR portable upgrade products can connect to virtually any portable unit. The Aero DR portable upgrade system can even be shared between multiple units quickly and easily.

“Portability and accessibility of the patient images throughout a healthcare facility and health system is paramount to the delivery of safe, effective patient care,” says Darren Werner, Digital Products Marketing Manager. “Plus, with the emphasis on EMR implementation and the integration of medical imaging into the patient record, the need for digital X-ray imaging is great. AeroSync provides facilities with a cost-effective way to achieve portable digital imaging.”

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