Konica Minolta Aero DR Now Available in 10” x 12” Plate for Pediatrics

Konica Minolta Aero DR Now Available in 10” x 12” Plate for Pediatrics

Wayne, NJ, November 25, 2012 – Konica Minolta announced today that Aero DR, the world’s lightest, wireless DR flat panel detector, is now available as a 10 x 12 inch plate. The Aero DR 10” x 12” is an ideal solution for pediatric exams due to its small size and superior dose efficiency.

The flat panel detector incorporates Konica Minolta’s Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator that boasts ultra-high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) for high-quality images even with minimum X-ray dose exposure. By combining the CsI panel and Konica Minolta’s image processing technology from its top-rated REGIUS systems, the Aero DR assures end users of consistent and reliable high quality imaging.

Aero DR also takes advantage of Konica Minolta’s very low power IC design, which decreases read out noise, and further raises quantum efficiency. All Aero DR plates – 10” x 12”, 14” x 17”, and 17” x 17” – deliver high image quality, reliability and easy workflow integration into general radiography environments. The detector design is the same as an ISO 4090 compliant film cassette, so it delivers a universal fit for existing wall stands and bucky trays without modification.

“Radiation dose from any X-ray imaging device continues to be a concern for clinicians, patients and families,” says Darren Werner, Digital Products Marketing Manager. “With a smaller-sized plate, we can help our users deliver excellent dose efficiency with a high-quality image for their pediatric patients or in other small body part imaging exams.”

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