Patient demographics are changing, increasing the need for versatile imaging solutions.

To meet this growing demand, orthopedic practices need solutions that are versatile, reliable and easy-to-use – yet capable of high throughput demands. Whether it’s joint replacements or fractured and broken bones, Konica Minolta’s Primary Imaging Solutions deliver immediate information at the point-of-care, giving orthopedic surgeons the clinical confidence they need to make the right diagnosis.

Konica Minolta’s industry-leading CR and DR imaging solutions deliver clinical confidence and economic value exactly how you need it.  Our superb image quality, easy-to-use software, and high throughput systems means you can be confident with your diagnosis; you will be more satisfied with your office efficiency; and your patients will be pleased with the improved speed and quality of care.

Combining the most reliable hardware in the industry with the right services also means the best solution for managing your total cost of ownership and maximizing your return on investment.

  • KDR® Advanced U-Arm System

    The compact, efficient KDR® Advanced U-Arm System from Konica Minolta Healthcare features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcome expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient experience. That makes it an excellent option for all settings.

  • KDR® Primary U-Arm

    The KDR Primary Digital Radiography System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a small footprint, equipping urgent care and family practices to provide general radiography services from exam rooms with limited amounts of space. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results they need to make informed decisions faster, helping to boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice.

  • Manual Overhead Tube Crane (OTC)

    Perform efficient Digital Radiography exams from almost anywhere in an exam room with the versatile OTC system. Driven by customizable software, the system features a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube that moves about the room to treat patients while lying down, sitting or standing, including those in a wheelchair or gurney. Your staff will find the ease of use and the imaging flexibility they need to make fast,

  • Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System

    The Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a convenient and familiar configuration to equip most practices to provide general radiography services. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results in tabletop and standing exams to make informed decisions faster, helping boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice.

  • Digital X-ray Portable Solutions

    Digital X-ray Portable Solutions are ideal for the mobile imaging market.

    The advanced panel technology can offer mobile users significantly enhanced image quality and speed compared to currently available mobile CR solutions. The panel is available in both Cesium and Gadolinium technology and is available as a retrofit solution to your current mobile X-ray system or with a new X-ray system.

  • AeroDR® HD

    The Konica Minolta AeroDR® HD Flat Panel Detector provides extremely high-definition radiographic imaging with the same recommended dose, housed in a lightweight, durable and highly water-resistant enclosure. AeroDR HD is equally suitable for use on the tray table, in the ER or as part of a tabletop or cross-table exam, equipping you with more visual information to make faster, better patient decisions.

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  • AeroDR® LT

    Konica Minolta’s 14″x17″ LT detector designed for General Radiology.

    With high reliability and capacity to help maximize patient outcomes, productivity and return on investment.  AeroDR LT 14″x17″ detector combined with CS-7 Software delivers the maximum potential for providers to increase image quality through a robust enterprise caliber user interface.

  • AeroDR® Retrofit Portable Solution

    Konica Minolta’s new portable upgrade kit efficiently and economically turns your current portable X-ray system into a digital wireless solution.

  • Digital X-ray Mobile Solutions

    The mKDR® Digital Radiography System brings advanced digital X-ray capabilities anywhere at your facility.

    Clinicians will have the flexibility, image resolution and immediate results needed to make informed decisions faster, boosting productivity and increasing patient satisfaction.

  • Universal DR

    Digital Radiography, Simplified

    Universal DR is the fastest and most sensible solution for direct digital radiography from Konica Minolta. Universal DR is a wireless Digital radiography solution that offers exceptional image quality and the right mix of advanced image processing features and simplified software for all general radiography applications. Offered in 14” x 17” and 17″ x 17″ versions to fit your needs, it is ideal for use in both new systems and retrofit rooms.

  • ImagePilot® Aero

    For facilities with continuous, high volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Aero is an innovative wireless Digital Radiography imaging solution that provides superlative image quality, X-ray dose efficiency, and significantly increased productivity all while assisting with long term cost management.

  • Exa® PACS

    The Exa Platform provides the infrastructure for managing data across the imaging workflow

    • Integrated PACS/RIS/Billing platform
    • Diagnostic Zero Footprint (ZFP) viewer with Server-Side Rendering
    • Smart tools for an efficient workflow including real time performance dashboard and custom workflow design engine

    All the advanced capabilities of the HS1 System plus…

    Compact Superior Imaging System With An Intuitive Touchscreen User Interface For Rapid and Confident Evaluation

    The SONIMAGE® HS2 Portable Ultrasound System provides dynamic imaging along with enhanced needle guidance for therapeutic procedures in a compact design. The broad frequency linear probe, L18-4, scans both deep and superficial joints and structures.

  • Xpress CR® W/CS-7

    The Xpress CR® – REGIUS® Model 210 is the award-winning,  CR reader that is easy to use.  An all-around system that achieves maximum productivity in a variety of imaging environments, the Xpress CR is the ultimate in resource sharing concepts and maximizing throughput. Discover why Xpress CR has been the top-rated dual bay CR reader with the highest customer satisfaction for many years. The Control Station is based in CS-7/Windows 10 software.

  • Nano CR W/CS-7

    The compact yet mighty Nano CR – REGIUS® Model 110 is a compact yet mighty,  high-performance single-bay CR reader that delivers speed for an efficient workflow with reliable, high-quality imaging that you expect from a leader in digital X-ray. Designed to satisfy a broad range of needs—from hospitals to private practices—the Nano CR offers flexible configuration options to help you get the most from your digital X-ray investment. The Control Station is based in CS-7/Windows 10 software.

  • ImagePilot®

    For facilities with medium volume imaging, Konica Minolta’s original all-in-one ImagePilot® solution combines reliability and superior throughput. This workhorse Computed Radiography system provides basic X-ray image acquisition to complete PACS functionality in one easy-to-use system.

  • ImagePilot® Sigma

    For facilities with low to medium volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Sigma tabletop Computed Radiography solution provides simple yet expandable imaging capabilities. From basic image acquisition to complete PACS functionality, this entry-level system meets a wide range of imaging needs.


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