Elder Care

Elder Care

Point-of-care Primary Imaging Solutions that enhance the services delivered in long-term care facilities.

In the U.S., an aging population is placing an increased demand for long-term healthcare facilities—from independent living to full-service nursing care.  Today’s elder population lives with various medical conditions that often require monitoring and continued care. Konica Minolta’s Primary Imaging Solutions deliver information at the point of care, reducing the need to transport residents for digital radiography or ultrasound imaging services. Our solutions are designed with ease-of-use in mind, enhancing clinical confidence and enabling long-term care facilities to differentiate its services in this highly competitive market.

Konica Minolta delivers easy-to-use, highly reliable Primary Imaging Solutions for clinically confident and  cost-effective resident care services.

  • Straight Arm DR

    The Straight Arm System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a small footprint, equipping urgent care and family practices to provide general radiography services from exam rooms with limited amounts of space. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results they need to make informed decisions faster, helping to boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice.


    The SONIMAGE™ P3 is a true portable ultrasound machine that gives clinicians the ability to do more for patients where and when they need it most – at the point-of-care. With its small footprint and weighing less than a pound, this handheld device can accelerate and improve interventions and decision making time.

    Intuitively designed like a smart-phone, the P3 equips users with a non-invasive tool to see what’s beneath the surface in patients, giving care providers’ quicker access to information and improving patient care. The SONIMAGE P3, cost-effectively empowering physicians to do more with less – providing them imaging solutions in real time.

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